Taking Care of Indoor Plants: Fittonia with Bugs

I believe I have a fittonia plant, not sure. It looks just like it but mine is tall and leggy. I have two problems with it. First there are few leaves that look dead at the ends. But otherwise it looks very healthy and pretty. Next I have these little knat like bugs in the soil and need to know what to use to get rid of them. I think they were in the soil I used to transplant it about 2 months ago.

Hi Donna,

There was no picture included with your question so I included a picture of a fittonia to be sure we are talking about the same plant. Let me know if we’re not. If you want your plant to be short and bushy rather than tall and leggy, you need to keep it pruned back. Cut several inches off of each stem and the plant should look better. The pests infecting your plant sound like Fungus GnatsThis small dark skinny pest flies and jumps around plants and people driving us all crazy. Fungus Gnats develop in moist potting soil, feeding on root hairs and emerging as adults every 30 days. The best way to get rid of Fungus Gnats is to allow the soil to thoroughly dry out. This eliminates the eggs and gnats in the pot. Use yellow sticky cards to trap the Fungus Gnats that are flying around.. The best way to get rid of these houseplant pests is to be sure there is no standing water and allow the soil to get a little drier before watering. Buy a package of Yellow Sticky Insect Cards, you can read about these in the Glossary. Cut them into small squares and place the squares on top of the soil. The gnats are attracted to them and get stuck on them. Replace them as they fill up with bugs. Keep using them until they stay clean of insects.