Snake Plant Falling Over

A coworker has given me her snake plant. It’s quite large and planted in a 12″ pot. The snake plants I’ve seen have leaves that stand straight up. This one, however, is falling over. Many of them are about 36″ in length. There seems to be no support whatsoever. Is there a way of fixing this poor plant or is it doomed?

Hi Lesley,

Snake Plants have very small, shallow roots and need to planted in containers that are deeper than they are wide. A 36″ Snake Plant, or Sansevieria, needs to be in a container at least 12″-14″ in depth. Gently take your Snake Plant out of its container & shake off the soil. When you re-pot it, be sure at least the bottom 8″ of the stems are covered in soil and that the stems are very close to each other.