Rooting a Dracaena

I took a cutting from a dracaena and put it in water about 3 weeks ago and still no roots. Is this unusual? Do I need to do something else?

Hi Joan,

I don’t root a dracaena in water. I usually take a 4″-6″ piece of stem, cut the bottom part of the stem (the end plan I plan to plant) on the diagonal and dip it into Rooting HormoneRooting Hormone helps plant cuttings produce new roots and is very important to use if you want your propagation attempts to be successful. Always dip the cut end of a stem or leaf into water and then dip it into the rooting hormone before planting it. Tap off any excess powder since too much hormone is worse than too little.. I put the stem piece into a 4″ pot of loose (good) soil. Keep the soil moist but not damp. It should take about 4-6 weeks to root.