Please Identify my favorite plant!

Hi Judy,

I had this lovely climbing plant that was in a pot for a long while and it was doing very well and growing. I was enjoying the plant so much that I installed a chain for it to grow on and then transplated my darling into a large pit of earth that we have in our house. I even bought new dirt (or that peat stuff I think) to put around the plant. Since I transplated her three months ago she has been slowly dying. I have tried by using a little water and she died faster, so I tried more water. I also installed a flouresent grow bulb that hangs above the middle of the plant and is on from 5pm to 11pm every day. Can you please help save my darling plant from the certain doom of my poor ministrations!!!
Also what is the name of the plant so that I can research about her!

Please see the pictures attacked.

Hi Onore,

What you have is a Split leaf Philodendron. What probably happened is that when you moved it to the large earth pit the soil stayed wet too long and the roots rotted. I think the only way to save your plant is to dig it up and put it back into a small pot with dry soil. Hopefully there are still some roots alive so the plant will come back. You may loose all of the existing leaves and have to wait for the new ones to grow. Try using a product called Super Thrive; you can read about it in the Glossary of the website. There are care instructions for a Split leaf Philodendron in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.