Please help my poor plant!

When we first got this plant, it did great for 2 months. It sprouted new growth, and they grew inches by the day. Then all of a sudden the new growth turned yellow as did one or two if its established leaves as well. We love this plant and it has sentimental value too. Please help identify the plant and provide advice on how to make it fell better!

Hi Sandy,

Sorry to be so long in getting back to you, but we’ve had hundreds of questions this week.


I’m guessing that you have a Sago Palm. Is that right? Palms get yellow leaves and dried out grayish leaves for a variety of reasons. The first is underwatering. It looks like there is not much soil in your pot. How often are you watering? When you water, does it come out the bottom drip holes? A Sago Palm should never be allowed to totally dry out. Another reason is too much plant food. How often are you feeding the plant? Never feed a plant if the soil is dry, always water first and always dilute the plant food to 1/2 the recommended strength. If the soil is very wet and the fronds are turning colors, then you may be over watering and killing the roots. Let me know the answers to some of these questions and I might be able to help a little more. Just contact me at: