Can you identify my plant!

My grandmother gave me this plant about a year and a half ago. When she first gave it to me, it had the pink/blue blooms that are in the picture. After I had it for a few months they went away and haven’t come back until now. I have recently moved and now keep all my plants on my screened porch and they seem to have all done a lot better now. I would like to obtain some information on the proper care for this plant as well as the name! Thanks a lot!

Hi Chelsea,


What you have is a bromeliad. The exact variety is pink- blue Aechmea apocalyptica. I don’t think that the original plant that was blooming when your Grandmom gave it to you, is blooming now. Bromeliads bloom only once. However they produces “pups” or new plants around their base, and I’d bet this is what’s in bloom now. You must be taking excellent care of your plant, it isn’t often that people can get bromeliads to bloom. There are complete instructions on how to care for a Bromeliad in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.