Plant Identified as Dracaena Corn Plant

Hi Judy! I have this plant that my boyfriend purchased a year or so ago and it’s starting to turn brown at the end of some of the leaves and I have removed a few that were dead. I’m guessing its a fairly common plant, but I know nothing about them, so I wanted to ask an expert! 🙂 I would like to repot it and get it back in good health. Any info, instructions or suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks!!

Hi Nikki,

You have a Dracaena Massengeanna or the common name is Dracaena Corn Plant. There are care instructions in the Popular Houseplant section of the website. It is a stalk plant so it is natural for it to lose its bottom leaves. If the tips of new growth are turning a muddy brown it needs more water. If the tips are turning a dark brown with a yellow border, you are over watering or over feeding. Dracaenas like to be root- bound in smaller pots so only move it to a larger pot if the roots have filled the bottom of the existing pot.