Peace Lily Roots on Top of Soil

My peace lilies roots are on top of the soil, they look like corn cobs. It was doing this in the other pot so I thought it needed repoting to a larger pot, but is doing it again. Can you tell me what is wrong and/or what I should do about this.

Hi  Jerusha,

Peace Lilies need to be repotted when: the roots in the pot are crowded, roots appear on the surface of the soil, the plant dries out every few days, leaves are turning yellow. Peace lilies do, however, produce more blooms when the plant is rootbound. When repotting, use a peat based rich organic potting soil that has some perlite and composted bark in it. Your new pot should be no more than 2 inches bigger than the original pot and have drainage holes. If the pot is too large, the soil stays too wet and root rot occurs. Never use a pot larger than 10″ in diameter. Fill the new pot with enough soil so the current surface of the plant will not have to be covered with new soil. Remove your plant from its existing pot. Gently force the root tubers downwards and place plant in the new pot. Fill in the sides of the new pot with soil, water, compact down, add more soil around sides if needed, and water again.