Peace Lily is Limp and Drooping

We have a peace lily that is about a year and half old. It was tall and growing like crazy. Then recently, it has become limp and all the stems are lying flat on the ground and hanging over the edge of the pot. The leaves are rolling up also. I have tried re-potting it but that didn’t help. I water it regularly with all the other plants we have. The leaves are still green and it continues to put out a new stem/leave regularly. What do I need to do to save it.

Hi Dan,

If the soil is wet and the plant is drooping, then you have over watered and the roots have died. If the soil is dry and the plant is drooping you may not be giving it enough water. Does it perk up a little after you water it and then droop a few days later?  Does the pot it is planted in have drip holes in the bottom? If so, try sitting your peace lily in a very large saucer of water for about an hour and see if it absorbs the water and perks up the next day. The fact that it is still putting out new leaves is a very good sign and means it probably needs more water.