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Hi Judy. Please tell me what this plant is and how to care for it and get it to bloom. Thank You. BernadetteRead More
I have a schefferlera I believe, tall tree like plant. I have many outdoor porch plants that I bring in during the winter months. The problem is this plant gets a sticky residue on the floor around it and I get annoyed and put it in the garage. It is nice enough looking to keep inside but don't like the sticky spray from the plant. I always use a granular pesticide in the soil before I bring them inside and also clean the leaves or spray with a plant pesticide. What am I doing wrong?Read More
Hi Judy, I found a picture of my plant but, not a name. Could you tell me what the name is and how to care for it. Thank you. DeRead More
Hi, I like palms and I have them in house for few years now. Recently, they develop disease looking like white dots on their leaves. I do not know what it is, if fungai, insects or something else, I include pictures as they speak more than thousand words. Please help me with advice what to do. Thank you, JiriRead More
I'm not sure what kind of plant this is. When I got it, I replanted it and put stones at the bottom of the planter for filtration. I only water it once a week if I feel the soil is getting dry (I've heard its bad to water the plant more). I also added some micracle-gro houseplant food to the water at times. The leaves are getting brown spots with some of the tips turning yellow and then brown. Its in an area that does not get much natural light. So maybe that could be a problem? Also, I'm a little worried about the base of the tree. I'm not sure if it should be more of a green color? Any advice would help!!Read More
I have a new plant I know nothing about . Hope you can help with the name and what to do with it. LOLRead More
I got a bunch of indoor plants from a friend, and all but this little one are doing fine. I was told that I need to spray it with water daily, but even so the leaves are still brown and wrinkled. At one point it brought a new leaf, but by the time it unfolded it was brown too... Many thanks for your help!Read More
Hi Judy, I have recently be given a new plant that I unfortunately know nothing about. I have been watering it and have it in a bedroom next to a window, How ever some of the leafs are turning yellow and falling off. It also needs more soil. Would you happen to be able to identify this tree / house plant and have any tips on how I can keep it alive. Thank you so much, JessicaRead More
Hi Judy, I was hoping you could help me identify my houseplant and offer some tips on nursing it back to health. I have had it for about two years, and it seemed to be doing great up until about 6 months ago. I have since noticed a waxy buildup on the leaves and that entire branches are wilting and falling off. I have not changed the care regimen (water about 4 ounces twice a week) or it's environment. I did transplant it into a larger pot when I first brought it home but that was nearly two years ago, long before it started to degenerate. I received the plant as a memorial at my father's funeral and it came with no care instructions or indentification tags, and I am very inexperienced with houseplants so I have no idea what I am doing. The plant has sentimental value to me, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me identify and nurse it back to health. I attached 3 pictures, 1 shows the small waxy deposits I have been finding on the leaves. Thank you in advance. KevinRead More
Hello, I recently purchased a Pachira plant at a local plant store and after a couple weeks, have noticed the leaves have a few spots on them. Some of the spots are light colored and some look a little like rust.. Recently my Amaryllis and two jade plants got the mealy bug and I had to spray them with alcohol to get rid of that. What's on the Pachira leaves doesn't look like the mealy mite. Can you give me some suggestions on how to fix this issue? Thanks,Read More
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