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I've had this plant for several years. It came in a dish garden as a small plant. As you can see it is big now and I would like to separate it into several smaller plants. Can you tell me what it is and how I should separate it? Thanks.Read More
Dear Judy, I live in MO and have a Dracaena Marginata and was wondering if I could move it outside onto my deck? It's on the west side of the house, not covered but I have a tree that gives shade in the afternoon but not in late afternoon/early evening?Read More
It belonged to my deceased mother, and I don't want it to die, but I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong? Its leaves are droopy, everything that I have read says it needs water, but when I water it the soil stays moist longer than it should, even though I repotted it in cactus soil. Please advise me so I dont lose this plant. :-) WandaRead More
I received this plant from my grandmothers funeral and I'm not sure what type of plant it is. Can you please help me identify it so I can find out how to properly care for it? Thank You!Read More
Hi, Judy, I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Galapagos islands. I am very jealous! I adopted a few houseplants from my sister-in-law who is moving across the country, and I am not quite sure what one of them is. Any ideas?Read More
Hi, I just purchased this plant at the grocery store & the only label says simply 'Tropical Houseplant'. I'd love to know what it is. Thanks for your help! :-)Read More
Hi there, I have a dieffenbachia that is about 3-4 Ft tall. It was given to me a couple years ago in a really pretty, tall pot. Problem is the dieffenbachia needs to be repotted, but the opening of the old pot is only about 3-4 inches wide. Is there a way I can get the plant out of the pot without breaking the pot or killing the dieffenbachia. The stalk of the plant is starting to rest against the side of the opening leading me to believe that the plant needs to be repotted. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you, SandraRead More
Hi Judy I have a tricolor prayer plant I've done everything they have said bout care and the edges of the leaves are getting brown and curl. I love this plant please help meRead More
Hi Judy, I have a Janet Craig that has one very thin stalk that is now touching our ceiling. If I trim the top off, will it then develop a shoot off to the side? What would be the best way to keep them tall, but not touch the ceiling? Thank you!Read More
Hi Judy, I have a lovely natal mahogany tree in my home that is not only hitting the ceiling now but crawling along the ceiling too.. I want to know if i trim it, can i make new plats from the cuttings either rooting in water or planting them? Thanks. ps I made a little donation before too MargoRead More
Showing Ask Judy 761 to 770 of 814 total