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Hello Judy, I bought this Bromelaid a couple weeks ago (from the local grocery store) and gave a little water. now that it has been 2 weeks, I decided to remove the pretty packaging and set it in a drain dish to water it along with my other plants. To my surprise I found about 5 of these worms crawling around in the pot. Do you know what they are, or how to get rid of them? Should I put the plant outside asap? Thanks, ChadRead More
Hi Judy. I have an Anthurium Small Talk Red (Hawaiian Volcano Plant). The green leaves are getteing dry and dead on the ends and I was wondering what may be causing this. I have followed the instructions with keeping 1/4-1/2" of water in the dish it sits in, and it sits on a table where it only gets bright indirect light. I'm hoping you may be able to help me because this is such a cute plant and a conversation piece and I don't want it to die. BrendaRead More
Years ago my friend gave me this plant as a small potted plant but no name. Through the years it has grown about 3 to 4 inches a year and now has small growths like a peace lily flower unopened. The heighth is now about 5 feet and I have to put a dowel rod in to attach the branches as they would be on the floor because of their weight. I hope the picture comes through okay.Read More
Judy, I inherited this office plant about a week ago from a co-worker who was retiring. She didn't know what it was and neither do I. Searching your site, my best guess is a Swedish Ivy? It looks to be getting a big leggy and I would like to help it to thrive. Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated!Read More
What id the reason for black looking spots on leaves of my house plants it almost looks as if they froze but I live in Tucson. they weren't there last night but they are there this morning. :-(Read More
Thankyo I purchased six foot BOP two month ago. Sitting in front of a large patio window faceing west with a great amout of light in the am and pm a few feet away. _t is watered weekly and misted daily. New leaves are growing. But have noticed gnats and stalks are now bending plant not as tall as before please help at 1st _ I was so proudRead More
Dear Judy,can't seems to find anywhere the name of my beautiful plant.I asked for a small piece of it at the store I visited in 2010 and waited all this time for it to grow and bloom, finally, I'm soo happy it did,and maybe You can help me to find the name for it...Read More
Hi Judy, Can I put my Kentia Palm outside this summer or should I just keep it indoors?Read More
I've had this plant for several years. It came in a dish garden as a small plant. As you can see it is big now and I would like to separate it into several smaller plants. Can you tell me what it is and how I should separate it? Thanks.Read More
Dear Judy, I live in MO and have a Dracaena Marginata and was wondering if I could move it outside onto my deck? It's on the west side of the house, not covered but I have a tree that gives shade in the afternoon but not in late afternoon/early evening?Read More
Showing Ask Judy 741 to 750 of 802 total