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Hello! I have a fishtail palm which I've had for a few years. The edges of many of the leaves are brown. Is this from too much water or not enough or too much fertilizer? I have treated the plant for some kind of aphid or insect over the past few months with Insecticidal soap spray- could this have caused it? Thank you very much! I love my tree! warmest regards- delfinaRead More
Hi Judy, I had this lovely climbing plant that was in a pot for a long while and it was doing very well and growing. I was enjoying the plant so much that I installed a chain for it to grow on and then transplated my darling into a large pit of earth that we have in our house. I even bought new dirt (or that peat stuff I think) to put around the plant. Since I transplated her three months ago she has been slowly dying. I have tried by using a little water and she died faster, so I tried more water. I also installed a flouresent grow bulb that hangs above the middle of the plant and is on from 5pm to 11pm every day. Can you please help save my darling plant from the certain doom of my poor ministrations!!! Also what is the name of the plant so that I can research about her! Please see the pictures attacked.Read More
I have a Tree of Life plant (braided stems) and there are black flying insects around it - are these fungus gnats?Read More
I found an orchids cactus in the house I rent. It was probably dormant for a year+. When I brought it into the main house it bloomed. Hasn't bloomed since which has been about a year. Landlord said she couldn't make it bloom when she had it. Does it need a consistent dormant phase every year?Read More
Can you please give me the name of this hanging plant. Thank you! SuzieRead More
I have a very hearty money tree that I would like to keep small. It is currently 27" tall. I purchased this plant at approximately 10" tall. Can I safely cut the root system and take branch cuttings to minimize its height growth?Read More
Hi Judy, I inherited this hibiscus this winter. Previously it had been fertilized periodically with Miracle Grow. When I got it, it had this leaf problem, which I thought might be fertilizer burn. So I have been primarily watering with filtered water (our water has a lot of chlorine). It was looking better, particularly after I trimmed it back, but the leaves are still browning. It is an old hibiscus, 5 to 9 years old I guess. Can you tell me what is causing this problem? There is a good bit of new growth as well. Thanks! KimRead More
Can you please help me identify this plant? A colleague gave me a clipping from his plant, which he got from another colleage, and no one seems to know which plant it is. I'm hoping to get a sense of what this plant needs in order to thrive. The plant has thin leaves that start out green in the center with dark red edges, but has the leaves mature, the red edges become spotty and the green increases. Thank you!Read More
I bought a Calathea at the nursery and within a couple of weeks the leaves were all curling and the plant looks terrible. Too much water? Shock from relocating?Read More
Hi Judy, I have 2 office plants that aren't doing well and could use some advice. The Dracaena Janet Craig is in an office lobby with only artificial light. It does not have any diseases but the leaf edges are a dry brown and some of the bottom leaves are falling off (picture attached). Is it getting too much water? The Zebra plant sits on a shelf in a bright office but it doesn't get direct sun. It always seems dry & sad & the leaf edges are brown (no picture, sorry).Read More
Showing Ask Judy 741 to 750 of 760 total