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Hello,seen this cactus at my friends and really want it one for myself. But there is no name on the pot and she doesn't know the name either. Hoping you might help with the name.thanksRead More
Hello judy, Im try to find out what plant this i got it 2yrs ago it had buds on it but the never bloomed. Its has never got them again either. I would like to figure out why. Can you help? ThanksRead More
Hi Judy, I have for some time tried to figure out what kind of plant I have. It was received as a housewarming gift some time back and had a few other smaller plants growing with it, had a kind of moss on top of the soil, but those smaller plants have died and this one remained. It didn't do so well in my Massachusetts home as far as growing more leaves but when I moved to Utah it was like it became alive again and started growing more leaves. Seems to do ok if I water it only once a week. This week though 5-6 of the leaves turned yellow and the plant started to wilt. Not sure if it was in too much sunlight or the central air was getting to it (however I did move it away from the direct blow of the vents about a month ago and it was fine). Anyways, I'd like to get more info about it because I'm interested in replanting it in a bigger pot and hope it will grow larger.Read More
Hello! I was searching for a long time for a web page to upload some photos of my plants. Really happy I came across you! Maybe somebody will know their names. I really love taking care of them and knowing their names maybe I can do a better job. Thank you very much!Read More
Hello Judy! I inherited a houseplant left behind by the former residents of my apartment, and I've had it for a few years now without much problem - nor without knowing what type of plant it is - but now its leaves are browning and dying at a concerning rate. I have been told to remove them by others so whatever is killing them does not spread, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I have grown quite attached to the plant - I call him Frank - and am scared I will lose it. I change the soil roughly every 6 months and water it every 2 weeks. I have attached three photos, two that I hope will help you help me identify it, and one that shows the browning of its leaves. I hope you can advise me on what to do to get Frank healthy again. Thank you! NikRead More
I think I have a bird of paradise house plant. It had bugs all over it. I cut it back to the dirt and it has come back with nice large leaves. Now I notice one leaf has white cottony looking flakes on it; they are even on the inside of the roll that has not completely opened up yet. What do I do?Read More
Hello Judy, I am hoping that you might be able to tell me what this plant is. I found it at a popular department store and the I.D. and care tag were missing and it didn't say what it was on the barcode sticker. I instantly like the look of the plan so I bought it and love it and have always wondered what it was called, just its common name would be great. Thank you for your help! Kerrie JohnsonRead More
Our unidentified plant has long trailing vines with shiny leaves about every 5 inches. Some are single 2" long, some are opposing leaves with 1-1/2 inch stems. Flowers form at some of these intersections. They look like miniature WWII parachutes about 2" in diameter. Several 1-1/2" stems project from one point, with tiny whitish flowers on the end of each to form the "parachute canopy". These clusters hang upside down. At night they emit a pungent overpowering odor with a sweetish, spicy, mildew like, irritating smell. Some vines are 5 to 7 feet long and growing.Read More
I was given a Bonsai Azalea and I need to know how to take care of this plant. I had it outdoors and the wind blew it over and caused it to go into shock losing leaves and I need to know how to treat this situation and where best to place plant and the best way to keep it healthy to enjoy for years.Read More
Hi Judy, I have looked and looked online and have been unable to ID one of my houseplants. A photo is attached. I would also like to know if it will eventually start it's own new stems? It just seems to get taller and taller. I started it from 2 stem cuttings that were propagated in water. I'm thinking of transplanting it to a larger pot. Any advice? Thank you every so much for your help. LenniRead More
Showing Ask Judy 741 to 750 of 939 total