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Hello. Can you please identify this house plant? I bought it at a market and the seller did not know what it was. Can you please tell me so I can care for it properly?Read More
Hi, I have my yucca for a few months. During the summer I watered it twice a week. I never put water on the soil, but at the base of the plant and when the water runs out, I put some more. Lately, since it’s colder outside my plant has more and more dry leafs. Also, my plant is next to a window which is left open a few hours a day, therefore there might be a bit of a draft. Is it normal to have more and more dry and yellow leafs? Thanks.Read More
What should I do with my amaryllis bulbs from last year? I really want them to bloom again this year. JaneRead More
Hi Judy, Just got this clipping from a friend and am trying to figure out if it's ok to grow around my cat. Many thanks for your help!Read More
Hi Judy! This plant I received is not labeled and I am hoping you can help me ID it so I can l care for it properly. Thank you!Read More
This plant folds its leaves back at dust like a prayer plant. I love it, and would like to know what it is. Can you help please? I am attaching a photograph. Thank you ChrisRead More
Hi Judy, The plant is a Peperomia caperata Asstd which I bought at a botanical garden. Researching how to care for it -- is it poisonous for my cats? should I get rid of it? thanks KathyRead More
I have had a schleffelera since it was tiny and now it is over six feet tall and won't stand up on it's own. We are moving and I have no place to take it. It is too big to move. If I just cut it way back can I reroot the top portions by putting them in water?Read More
Hi Judy, I have a 20 yr old jade plant which is losing branches rapidly. It has probably lost 30 to 40% of it's branches in the last month. They are shriveling and breaking. I live in the desert and have been watering and fertilizing once a month for years. I have been using a 2-7-7 Cactus plus liquid plant food by Schultz. This plant had this problem when I first moved to the desert about 10 years ago. At that time I had started watering once a week because it was so dry here and was probably over watering. But now I am wondering if I am either under watering or over fertilizing? I am attaching 2 photos. One of the ailing plant and one of it's progeny that I started when this happened before. The progeny is being cared for in the same way and doing well. Thanks for your help. Read More
My dracaenia plant has developed brown leaf tips all over. In addition the new leaves coming through in the middle seem to be coming through already brown and soft and liable to splitting and coming off. I have started misting daily and water once every 2 weeks or so. I've sprayed bug spray on it in case of mealy bugs but that doesn't seem to have solved it. The pictures the plant is a bit dusty as have recently decorated!Read More
Showing Ask Judy 41 to 50 of 938 total