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Hi Judy, I just found your website. I have an indoor plant that I absolutely loved until it started dying. The place I bought it never had it identified but I fell in love with its green on top leaves and purple on the underside sort of fuzzy leaves. Attaching pictures need your help to know what it needs. Thank you!Read More
I want to give my wife a gardenia (again) for Valentines Day, she LOVES them. Every time I give her a gardenia it dies. Can you tell me how to care for one and I'll pass the information on to her.Read More
How often should I water this houseplant?Read More
Hi Judy, I recently adopted this plant from a friend who's mom who passed away, they were unsure as to what this plant is called or even the conditions and care it needs. Please help ! Thanks, AndreaRead More
Hey Judy! Thank you so much for running this website. I have looked everywhere and can't figure out what the name of this plant is. A friend gave it to me.. Can you please help? Thank youRead More
Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of plant this is and how to add soil to it as it looks like much has left the pot. Sincerely, AngieRead More
Hello, Can you tell me which type of house plant this is and what the best methods of care are? Many thanks.Read More
As you can see, this dieffenbachia is attempting to raise the roof. How should we care for this plant? Prune the top? We've had one person say that with this kind of plant you can simply cut it in half and replant it. Really? Thanks or your help! JerryRead More
This is a rooted piece of plant that a coworker would like me to bring into better health & appearance, but I have NO idea what it is!! He called it a Gibraltar cactus, but I think might be just a family nickname for it, because that doesn't yield any likely results in an internet search. Will you help identify it please? Thanks!Read More
Hi Judy I have a EPIPHYLLUM ORCHID CACTUS I think. I got it over the summer last year from my aunt. I absolutely love it. It bloomed one flower in late August. I was only watering it once a week. I keep her hanging high by a window, but for the past two months I have noticed that the stems are turning like a dry brown, closest to the soil. I have increased the water a little at a time. I'm not sure if its helping. I'm real worried. My aunt loves that plant so much and gave it to me because she knew I feel in love with it and would care for it properly. I'd hate to disappoint her if its something I can fix. Please help. Thank you!Read More
Showing Ask Judy 41 to 50 of 802 total