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Please tell me how to take care of my poinsettias so they will turn red again next year.Read More
Can you tell me the right way to use poinsettias as cut flowers. I want to make a flower arrangement for my table.Read More
Hi Judy, I live in Florida and purchased a plant called Lipstick Plant. It is supposed to get red flowers that resemble lipstick. I've had the plant for about 6 months and so far no flowers. It's in a hanging basket and the stems and leaves are dark green and beautiful. Are you familiar with this plant as far as flowering?Read More
I have this plant, what is the bio name for it and how best to take care round the year in a tropical environment. Are these plants poisonous?Read More
Can you tell me the best way to keep my Christmas Tree from getting dry and looking dead. It seems my tree never makes it through Christmas no matter what I do. Thanks, ScottRead More
Could you please tell me why the leaves always fall off my poinsettias and I'm left with bare stems with a few red flowers at the top?Read More
Hi, Would you be able to tell me what type of plant this is and how to propagate it? Thank you.Read More
Hoping to identify the type of plant as well as an apparent disease that causes the leaves to grow somewhat sparsely and misshapen. Photos attached. Thank you!Read More
I purchased a hanging basket of Fittonia from Home Depot 8 months ago. I have it hanging in my bathroom. When purchased it was " fat and full " now it has become long and leggy. Not the beauty it used to be. How do I fix it?? Prune it back? If so how far? Leaves at the top of stems but rest of stems are bare. Help please.Read More
I got this plant from a stranger essentially, initially did well but I'm having some issues and would like to know what it is. Recently a lot of leaves are turning yellow and falling off and then some of the stalks keep breaking off at the base. I did not think I was watering it too much but perhaps there is some root rot. I could really use your help figuring out what this plant is so that I can take care of it properly and save it. Thank youRead More
Showing Ask Judy 21 to 30 of 760 total