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Hello! I purchased this plant a week or two ago at my local supermarket. The tags only said it was a "tropical" plant. If possible I'd like your help so I can take care of it properly. I was also wondering if the red on the stock was normal. Thank you.Read More
Hi. I am having problems with my devils backbone plant. It is in the home in a pot, and I have struggled with the plant since I have had it. The leaves have sort of brownish red colored spots on the leaves (like in the middle and towards the tips) and some white matter on the spots. What can I do for the plant.Read More
Hi I am buying a plant and would like to know its name and how to care for it,Read More
Hi, can you tell me what kind of plants these are? My boss got them as a gift. Thank you!Read More
Could you identify this plant for me. Thanks in advance!Read More
Hi Judy, I have just moved into a house with a very gloomy hallway and I thought that a plant or two might cheer it up a bit. Can you suggest any houseplants that are suitable for low light areas? Thanks, SarahRead More
attached are two photos of plant that I received for my birthday 8 weeks ago, attached are also photos of the plant today....I don't know what it is or how to care for it and I think I'm killing it....the flowers are long since gone and the leaves are slowly!Read More
I can't get my cliivila or Hindu rope plants to bloom. Please help? CathieRead More
I have an Umbrella Plant that I take care of at work. When my boss thinks it is getting too tall he wacks it down some. So I have 2 questions the first is what is the proper way to cuts these plants back and the second is on one side of the main stem there are no branches which makes it look a little strange. Is there anyway to encourage it to put on a branch. Thanks Terri Read More
Every year at this time I buy a Shamrock Plant and every year it dies within 6 months. I love these plants! Please tell me how to keep them alive.Read More
Showing Ask Judy 21 to 30 of 802 total