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I like to grow my own vegetables, they taste so much better, but I don't have have a yard anymore. The last time I tried the plants started to grow and then all died. It looks like their roots just fell apart for some reason. Can you recommend the best way to grow vegetables in containers? Thanks for your help. Read More
Hello! I recently got this little guy, however I'm not sure what kind of plant it is or whether the yellow is normal for it or not, if you could help me that would be wonderful, thank you!!! (it's about 1 foot in height right now and I've tried to include a close up photo of the stem to help identify)Read More
Can you tell me what plants to use and how to make a big plant arrangement that I can keep outside in the summer and bring inside in the winter that won't die. Everyone I've tried does well all summer, but when I bring it inside it quickly dies. What am I doing wrong.?Read More
I read your great article on how to plant an orchid on a board. What I really need to know is how and when to re-pot my orchid to a new pot. Could you help me out? I love my orchid and don't want to kill it!Read More
Hi Judy, I saw a really nice houseplant for sale today, but it was simply tagged as something like "house plant", which wasn't much help in identifying it. I've uploaded a photo, could you help? I've looked through your database but didn't spot it. The main reason I want to know is to know if it will work well trailing off some shelves, and whether it will be good in bright but not direct light. Thanks in advance for any help you can give! OliverRead More
Could you please tell me the best way to mount an orchid on a board or tree branch?Read More
Hi Judy. I recently purchased a Calathea roseopicta from a local florist but I do not exactly know how to care for it. I have an idea it's a fussier plant. One web page said it needs low light. Looking on houseplant411 I see it says the plant requires bright, indirect sunlight. Any other information would be helpful as well. Thank you!Read More
Hello Judy, Our company just moved into a newly renovated building in San Francisco. The smell from all of the paint, new carpets and furniture, and everything else is giving everyone headaches. I read somewhere that plants can clean the air of some bad chemicals. Can you recommend some plants that are easy to buy, not too expensive, and pretty simple to care for. Thanks in advance!Read More
I have four different types of hoya plants and none of them have ever gotten any flowers. What am I doing wrong???Read More
Is this a jade plant ? Can you tell me more about the plant and care. Next pic is of what is left of peace lily plant and how can I bring it back to the thriving plant in pics.Read More
Showing Ask Judy 21 to 30 of 855 total