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My sister gave me this plant, said it was some type of ivy but she wasn't sure. This plant keeps having babies (which I don't mind) and you don't need to put it in direct sunlight. I originally thought it was a Cast-Iron plant but it wasn't; I also thought it was a Chinese evergreen but yet again it wasn't. I really want to know what kind of plant it is. Thank you, MarshyfanRead More
Hello Judy, Can you help identify this houseplant? I noticed my kitten trying to get to it the other day and moved it. Maybe I need to completely get rid of it? Your help would certainly be appreciated! - LornRead More
Could you tell me the name of these so I know how to care for them?Read More
I love orchids but the light in my apartment is not great. In your opinion which would be the best type of orchid to get? Thank you for your time.Read More
Hi Terry, Throughout the centuries over 700 different varieties     Paphiopedilum or Lady Slipper, Phalaenopsis and OncidiumPut the lights on a timer set to operate the bulbs for 14 to 16 hours a day. Many orchids, such as phalaenopsis and paphiopedilums, will be content. ORead More
I ended up with this starter it looks like it's a vine kind of plant but I don't know anymore then that.Read More
Can you suggest the best easy care orchid plant. Also, which kind of orchid plant has flowers that last a long time. The orchids I have now finally get flowers but they only last a few weeks.Read More
I live in an area where the temperature never goes below 60 degrees. I've alway wanted to have orchids growing on my trees near our porch. Can you tell me how to do this?Read More
Judy, Can you please help me identify this plant? Thank you for your support.Read More
I have an Alocasia plant with a problem. Or perhaps I have a problem? The leaves open looking healthy and nice dark green. Then as they grow they develop brown dry spots. It is located in an area with lots of light but not direct hot sun. I water it regularly , maybe too often? I hope I can save it !Read More
Showing Ask Judy 11 to 20 of 855 total