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“I just bought a house in Tucson, Arizona. The previous owners had a southwest lawn that was all gravel. I want to replace it with grass. What type of grass seed should I get for a lawn that will get really hot during the summer?”Read More
Can I move my houseplants outside now that spring is here?Read More
We love Easter Lilly plants but always kill them. Any hints to help make us more successful this year??Read More
What is this plant?. Can I propagate with cuttings-how? ThanksRead More
I was wondering what kind of plant this is and what I am doing wrong? I brought it home from work and now it looks like it's dying. The leaves used to be shiny and green but now they're dull and limp. Thanks!Read More
Hi, I`ve just been given this plant by someone who didn`t know what it was, and I have no idea either. My best guess is some form of Dieffenbachia, but that`s only a guess. ThanksRead More
I'm very new to taking care of plants. Also I'm not sure what kind of plant this is. Could you tell me how to take care of this please. Thank youRead More
After many years of trying to get my wife to buy house plants (we have cats) she has finally given in, but she seems to always get the plants with no identification (got to love her ) we were woindering what this plant is we have had it for about 3 months and i had to repot it due to its growth spert. Please helpRead More
I got a new bromeliad yesterday. It has the pink flower and has also has a pup. I was wondering if I could repot it and separate the pup while its blooming? The pot is 6" wide but only 3" tall and the roots are sticking out of the top of the soil. If I do repot, what size pot would you suggest?Read More
Dear Judy, Thank you for this service and great website. Please identify these plants. I am a beginner grower who just purchased two plants and would like to identify them in order to care for them accordingly. Please find the pictures attached. Kind Regards AbdullahRead More
Showing Ask Judy 11 to 20 of 802 total