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Here is a view of my plant from the top to show how the leaves form a small cup like area from whence the new leaves grow. I particularly need to know the name of my plant so I can enquire as to why the leaves are turning brown. nd more leaf ends are turning brown.Read More
Thought I'd try to personalize my gifts this holiday (and save money) by giving friends and relatives gift baskets filled with things they like.. Any suggestion on best way to make a gift basket?Read More
Hi Judy! My neighbour is offering me this plant but doesn't know what it is. She can't take care of it anymore and knowing that I live in a place with tall ceilings, she wants to pass it off to me. I want to know what type of plant it is so I can accurately assess whether I can take care of it (I have two cats!) Thanks for your help :)Read More
Hello. This plant seems to be dying. Both specific and general plant-care information may help.Read More
I’ve had a money tree since May. It’s in our apartment near a north facing window (as all of our windows are). I’ve watered lightly about once per week. Recently we’ve started losing a lot of leaves. Initially I thought maybe the transition from summer to winter (and turning on the heat) may be the problem. I’ve moved the plant away from the vent (and away from the window as well) but it’s still losing leaves. Any advice?Read More
The leaves keep turning yellow then brown and dying. When I brought it home it was standing in an inch of water so I dumped the water to help it dry up some. It didn't seem to help. It's still doing the same thing. How do I keep it from dying and what kind of plant is this?Read More
I just received a poinsettia, if you can send me more information on how to turn a Poinsettia Plant red again the following year. I would greatly appreciate the information. Thank you hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. DianeRead More
Can I use poinsettias as cut Flowers?Read More
Hello! Just looking to clarify how much and often I should be watering my alocasia plant. I just bought it today and all the potted soil was dry. Also will I be ok to not fertilize until after winter ?Read More
I was given this plant as a gift with no instructions or idea what it is. Can you please help?Read More
Showing Ask Judy 11 to 20 of 939 total