Mystery Succulent HousePlant is a Kalanchoe Plant

Hi Judy, bought this plant at Walmart,it was just a stump and almost dead.After 1.5 years of growing it,it has turned into this magnificent plant…but I have no idea what kind of plant it is.Would you know what its name is?Thanks… Phil

Hi Phil,


From the picture, your plant looks like a type of Kalanchoe. I am assuming that the leaves are thick and somewhat rubbery to the touch.

Kalanchoe Plants are easy -care, flowering succulents that do extremely well indoors. They are a relative of the Jade Plant. A Kalanchoe is usually a short bushy upright plant with thick oval -shaped leaves. The leaves have lightly scalloped edges. A Kalanchoe Plant’s long-lasting star-like blooms appear in terminal clusters at the ends of sturdy stems. The vibrant colored flowers of a Kalanchoe Plant come in red, orange, yellow, lavender, white, and pink; some Kalanchoe Plants even have bi-colored flowers. Kalanchoes are great plants to perk up your home during the long winter months. The shorter the days, the more  flowers a Kalanchoe Plant produces, best of all, the blooms may last from 8-10 weeks.

Here are some care instructions for a Kalanchoe Plant: