Leaves Falling Off My Moms Money Tree?

Last time i visited my mom (about a few months ago)
her money tree was healthy and growing nice and when
I went over to visit today… To my surprise her money tree
is dead looking and has no leaves at all! What happened to
her money tree? And what can I do to save it?

Hi James,

Leaves fall off of a Money Tree, and most houseplants, because of a watering problem. If green leaves are dropping, your Mom is over watering; if yellow leaves are falling off, your Mom is under- watering. Be sure to allow the soil of a Money Tree to dry out before you water. I’d gently remove the Money Tree from its pot and look at the roots. If they are all rotten and mushy you know it was over- watered. If the roots are dried out and dehydrated, you know Mom under- watered. (I don’t think you can save it if it’s over- watered.) If under-watered, cut the plant back and water it well until the water comes out the bottom drip holes. I’d recommend using some superthriveSuperthrive combines vitamins and hormones to encourage plant growth both above and below the soil line. It's not a plant food so it needs to be used in addition to your regular plant food; the two can be used at the same time. Just put a few drops into your watering can & that's all that's needed to improve the health & appearance of your plants. If your plants are in real trouble, add about 10 drops per 2 gallons of water. SuperThrive works best when the soil is dry.    , you can read about it in the Glossary of the website. It does wonders for stressed plants, especially ones that are under- watered.