Janet Craig

Hi Judy, I have a Janet Craig that has one very thin stalk that is now touching our ceiling. If I trim the top off, will it then develop a shoot off to the side? What would be the best way to keep them tall, but not touch the ceiling?

Thank you!

Hi Laura,

I would definitely cut part of the stem off. Wherever you cut it that is where it will send out two or three new heads (group of leaves). Don’ t be timid! Cut far enough back so that the stem left is at the thickest sturdiest point. You can divide the part you remove into 8″segments and plant them back in the same pot. That way you will hopefully get a mult stemmed bushy plant. Dip the cut ends in Rooting HormoneRooting Hormone helps plant cuttings produce new roots and is very important to use if you want your propagation attempts to be successful. Always dip the cut end of a stem or leaf into water and then dip it into the rooting hormone before planting it. Tap off any excess powder since too much hormone is worse than too little. before planting them. Be sure to shake off any excess rooting powder, too much is worse than too little.