Is a Donkey’s Tail Plant and a Burro’s Tail Plant the Same?

My mom and I are having a disagreement. I say that a Donkey’s Tail Plant and a Burro’s Tail Plant are the same plant. She says that they are different plants because one blooms and the other doesn’t.

You win this argument. A Donkey’s Tail Plant (Sedum Morganianum), is also called a Burro’s Tail Plant. This is an easy-care succulent plantLearn how to grow and care for succulent plants at native to Mexico. The very attractive and unique looking Donkey’s Tail Plant has long hanging stems covered in thick heavy blue-green leaves that overlap like the hair on a donkey’s tail. A Donkey’s Tail Plant is very fragile and the leaves easily fall off if the plant is disturbed. A Donkey’s Tail Plant does well in hanging baskets where stems have lots of room to cascade down & no one can bump into it. Under the right conditions, a Donkey’s Tail Plant (Burro’s Tail Plant)  may produce star-shaped flowers in pink, red, or lavender during the spring and summer.

Thick, over lapping, blue green Burro's' Tail Plant

Burro’s Tail Plant
Donkey’s Tail Plant

Here is a Donkey’s Tail in bloom.


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