How to repot a dieffenbachia from a small to a larger pot.

Hi there,
I have a dieffenbachia that is about 3-4 Ft tall. It was given to me a couple years ago in a really pretty, tall pot. Problem is the dieffenbachia needs to be repotted, but the opening of the old pot is only about 3-4 inches wide. Is there a way I can get the plant out of the pot without breaking the pot or killing the dieffenbachia. The stalk of the plant is starting to rest against the side of the opening leading me to believe that the plant needs to be repotted.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,

What I would do is make the soil very, very moist so that when you gently tug on the stem of  the plant the soil will fall off. The plant will come out almost bare rooted so you will have to have new soil and a new pot on hand. Be careful that the new pot is not too large and that it has drip holes at the bottom for proper drainage.