How to Prune an Alocasia

Hi Judy. My plant is getting too tall. Id like to slow it down? Does this guy take kindly to root trimming? Also i noticed some bumps on the ‘trunk?stem?’ can I add some thing to it and make it grow? I such. a beginner. This guy is the first house plant i havent killed by over watering or other problems… so hes kinda dear..

Hi Andrew,

The roots of an Alocasia do not take well to being trimmed. The bumps on the stem are called leaf nodes. The only way to control the growth pattern of your plant is to cut the stem back to right above the first leaf node. I know this is difficult to do because you will be removing all of the leaves probably, but there is really no other way. After a few weeks the plant should start to produce leaves from the leaf nodes along the stem. An Alocasia is not an easy plant to care for. If you are successful with this plant, you should be successful with lots of other houseplants.

Three leaves on Alocasia Calidora Plant

Alocasia Calidora