How to Kill Gnats on House Plants

Hi Judy, My plant has gnat infestation. It lives in my office and the other plants don’t have them. I tried repotting but they came back. What will get rid of them?
Thanks, lgould

Hi Igould,

There are several things you can do. Gnats thrive on moist soil and any standing water. Allow the soil to thoroughly dry out before watering and never allow the plant to sit in water. This eliminates the eggs in the soil. Put small squares of Yellow Sticky Insect Cards on the soil of the plant. You can read more about these cards in the Glossary of the website. The adult gnats flying around are attracted to the cards, stick to them, and die. Replace the cards as they fill up with the gnats. Keep using the cards until there are no gnats on them. This should get rid of your problem.