How to get rid of Gnats and How to Water a Bird of Paradise Plant

Thankyo I purchased six foot BOP two month ago. Sitting in front of a large patio window faceing west with a great amout of light in the am and pm a few feet away. _t is watered weekly and misted daily. New leaves are growing. But have noticed gnats and stalks are now bending plant not as tall as before please help at 1st _
I was so proud


Let’s tackle the gnats first. First, STOP misting the plant. The gnats thrive on this moisture. I’d get some yellow sticky insect cards, you can read about them in the Glossary of the website,  at your local garden shop. Cut them in small pieces and lay them on top of the soil. Keep replacing the cards as they fill up with the gnats. Continue to use them until the cards no longer collect gnats.

I think your next problem is a watering issue. In the spring and summer, the soil of a Bird of Paradise should be moist but never soggy. This plant needs less water in the fall and winter. Water a Bird of Paradise from the bottom so the soil does not become too compact and remains well aerated. Water that has a high salt content burns the leaves. Give the plant a quarter of a turn every week so that it goes not start to lean toward the light.