How to care for HousePlants: Peace Lily

Hi Judy, so I believe this is a Peace Lily, although it’s the first time I see with so many white streaks. I heard that they like a lot of water, although I don’t know how much, I hope you can advise.
My Peace Lily is also not doing extremely well, I don’t know what she is missing and why the leaves are browning so much, of course the quantity of leaves is quite a sad sight, I was wondering if you can suggest a way to increase the volume of the leaves and get this plant back on track (hopefully it’s not too late) – do you think it needs more sunlight? Less sunlight? More water? More frequently? bigger pot?

Thans a lot !

Your plant is a variegated Peace Lily (Spathyphylum), probably a Domino. Black leaves are caused by too much water. Allow the leaves of your Peace Lily to get a little soft and droopy before you water. It will quickly perk up once you water. Stressing a Peace Lily by letting it dry out and droop also encourages more flowers. Cut off any unsightly leaves close to the soil line. Spathyphylum leaves cannot be trimmed. There are complete instructions on how to care for a Peace Lily in the Popular HousePlant section of the website.