Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus

A friend of mine is wondering what kind of plant this is. She’s had it for about 2 years and it’s never flowered in her care. I have no idea…

Thanks – Dee Ann

Hi Dee Ann,


Hanging orchid-cactus-plant

Orchid cactus Plant

Your friends plant is an Epiphyllum, specifically an Orchid Cactus. With the proper care it should bloom. Here are some tips:

During winter, for 8-10 weeks water sparingly and do not feed. This is when the flower buds set. Epiphyllums need a great deal of bright indirect lightVery few houseplants should be placed in direct sun. High light refers only to bright indirect light since direct sun often burns the leaves of indoor houseplants. An area that is too hot and dry encourages Spider Mites and causes blooms to quickly fade. A northern exposure really doesn't provide enough light for high light plants. These plants need to be placed directly in front of an east-facing window, within 1-3 feet of a west-facing window, and within 5 ft. of a south facing window. A high light area has over 300 ft. candles of light.. When you do fertilize, use a plant food high in Potassium. Feed during spring through the fall. Once buds appear, do not move the plant and keep it away from heating vents and drafts.