Dracaena Janet Craig with Pale Yellow Leaves

And what can I do for it? The new growth comes in black at base. It’s more than five feet tall. Thanks for any help. Judy

Hi Judy,

You have a VERY, VERY, sick Dracaena Janet Craig. I don’t think I have ever seen a Janet Craig with leaves that yellow. The leaves should be a glossy dark green. Without being able to examine the plant closely, my best guess is that it has a severe case of spider mitesLearn how to identify and treat the plant pest called Spider Mites.. I really doubt that you can save the plant at this point. If you want to try, quickly move it away from your other plants; spray all parts of the plant with straight rubbing alcohol; cut off the stem about 3″ from the soil; and hope it grows back a healthy plant.

yellow-leaves-on dracaena-janet-craig-plant

Sorry to bring such back news.