Dracaena Janet Craig with Pale Yellow Leaves

And what can I do for it? The new growth comes in black at base. It’s more than five feet tall. Thanks for any help. Judy

Hi Judy,

You have a VERY, VERY, sick Dracaena Janet Craig. I don’t think I have ever seen a Janet Craig with leaves that yellow. The leaves should be a glossy dark green. Without being able to examine the plant closely, my best guess is that it has a severe case of spider mitesSpider Mites, members of the Acari family, are small insects about 1mm in size. The most common indoor plant mite is the red spider mite (also called the two-spotted spider mite.). These pests lay their eggs on the under surface of leaves and produce fine webbing especially where the leaves are attached to the stem. Spider mites are hard to see with the naked eye, and may appear only as small red dots. They are more often recognized by the gritty feel of the leaf when you run your finger down it’s length, or by the appearance of discolored leaves due to the sucking action of the mites. The best way to prevent spider mites is to keep your plants clean and dust free. Treat spider mites by spraying every ten days for a month with a product such as Safer Insecticidal Soap.. I really doubt that you can save the plant at this point. If you want to try, quickly move it away from your other plants; spray all parts of the plant with straight rubbing alcohol; cut off the stem about 3″ from the soil; and hope it grows back a healthy plant.

yellow-leaves-on dracaena-janet-craig-plant

Sorry to bring such back news.