A Strawberry Begonia is Neither a Begonia nor a Strawberry Plant

Hi Judy,
I have adopted this plant and from researching your site, it looks similar to a Strawberry Begonia. Would love your confirmation. Some of the leaves are faded, waxy and limp while others are robust and slightly furry. I repotted it thinking it was over-watered but I’ve made a tangled mess. Should I divide it? Thank you for your help and expertise.



I would stop messing around with the root ball until the plant has had a chance to acclimate and start producing new leaves. From the picture, it does resemble a Strawberry Begonia, which is neither a Begonia nor a Strawberry Plant, but a member of the Saxifrage Family. It also could be a regular tuberous Begonia. The only way you’ll know is when it starts to grow.  A Strawberry Begonia produces a lovely white flower with pointed petals and a bright yellow center. Like a Strawberry plant, new babies develop at the ends of each of the “stolen” or runners.