Identify my HousePlant

Our unidentified plant has long trailing vines with shiny leaves about every 5 inches. Some are single 2″ long, some are opposing leaves with 1-1/2 inch stems. Flowers form at some of these intersections. They look like miniature WWII parachutes about 2″ in diameter. Several 1-1/2″ stems project from one point, with tiny whitish flowers on the end of each to form the “parachute canopy”. These clusters hang upside down. At night they emit a pungent overpowering odor with a sweetish, spicy, mildew like, irritating smell. Some vines are 5 to 7 feet long and growing.

Hi Del,

It sounds like your plant is a Hoya Plant but please send me a picture so we can be sure.

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